...to be in balance...


...to be in balance...

Accrochage at the Gei;ler Bentler Gallery.

From 05 November 2022 to 22 January 2023.

With a small interruption from 17 November to 26 November. Then there will be another exhibition: SEA-LEVEL 2.0 with works by Ulrika Eller-Rüter.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The pre-Christmas season is beginning and it won't be long before we write another year as a date.

Naturally, from now on, we would be very pleased if you came to see our new exhibition …to be in balance… in the gallery. This exhibition shows so many different artists and positions, and yet it forms a harmonious whole with its very own positive radiance and power. And this positive effect of the artworks is so important to us, especially in the current times and because of the current events in the world and in Europe. We want this exhibition to bring joy, to help instil confidence in the future, and to take us all, as viewers, a little way in that direction.