...to be in balance...


Ausstellungsdauer 05. November 2022 to 22. January 2023

...to be in balance...

Accrochage at the Geißler Bentler Gallery.

From 05 November 2022 to 22 January 2023.

With a small interruption from 17 November to 26 November. Then there will be another exhibition: SEA-LEVEL 2.0 with works by Ulrika Eller-Rüter.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Dear friends of the gallery,

We are in a time of uncertainty. Many different but simultaneous crises determine our feelings and thoughts. The reporting of all conventional and digital media is determined by these crises. One could almost think that one is almost powerless in one's feelings and thoughts. A deep gulf forms between the reflected reality and one's own wishes and desires, resulting in a great imbalance. The balance is missing.
Nobody wants that. Every woman and every man would like to go into the day calm and balanced, to live and work in a calm and balanced way. A wish that is out of touch with reality?
We have always found it helpful in such situations to occupy ourselves with art. Because art has an effect on the people who occupy themselves with it and surround themselves with it. If it didn't, art wouldn't exist. No one would need it in any way.
But it has always been the concern of the Geißler Bentler Gallery to show art that has a positive aura, that gives strength, that conveys warmth, that stimulates thought, that takes up questions and formulates an answer and ultimately, in the sense of Bernd Berner, leads people to themselves.
You will find many works of art that radiate these effects on the following pages. Whether made of paper, canvas, bronze or steel: it does not depend on the material. What is important is that a work of art triggers a reaction in you. Whether it is, to name just a few examples, the luminous colours of the rainbow in Heinz Mack's work, whether it is the so well-balanced sculpture "Balance" by Thomas Röthel, or whether it is the expressive sculpture of Stephan Balkenhol: let yourself be inspired and get involved with a work of art!
We wish you and us that the selected works of the different artists we present in this small booklet offer you a contemplative counterpart. We wish you and us that you will be inspired by this art and that a balance will emerge that will make your everyday life more balanced and calm in these difficult times.
Best wishes

Jenny Geißler-Bentler and Bernd Bentler

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