Martin Noël

Home Game - Five Series from the Graphic Work


Vernissage 09. November 2017

Ausstellungsdauer 10. November to 10. December 2017

"I have brought colour into your lives". Literally, but also figuratively, a wonderful message. It comes from Martin Noël, who unfortunately passed away far too early in 2010, leaving a huge gap in the national as well as the international art scene. The Generalanzeiger in Bonn wrote about Martin Noël on the occasion of his death on 18 November 2010: "The Bonn art scene has lost one of its best, and the Berlin-born artist, who lived in Bad Godesberg for a long time, also left his mark nationally and internationally with countless exhibitions".

In the past, we have repeatedly dealt with the work of Martin Noël, looked at his works and found ourselves in them. Again and again, these discussions awakened the desire to engage more intensively with Martin Noël and his work.
Now the time had come.
In cooperation with his wife, Margarete Noël, and the former director of the Bundeskunsthalle, Dr. Wenzel Jacob, we opened our exhibition "Heimspiel" (Home Game) with a presentation of his graphic work in the Beethovenallee.
The exhibition included various series of his woodcuts and linocuts, the renaissance of which Martin Noël worked out. In them, "the artist was not concerned with depicting reality, but with creating an awareness of how reality might be dealt with." Annie Bardon, 2001

To create this effect, Martin Noël repeatedly used the content approach alongside the formal tension between surface and line, transforming often overlooked things of the microcosm into the abstract world of art. "For example, the cracks in the floor slabs caused by the destruction of the New York World Trade Center inspired him to create the delicate motifs of his "New York Lines" series. He also paid attention, for example, to the cracks in the walls or the bizarre pattern of a broken window pane." Source: Wikipedia

More topical than ever is the question: How do we decide, how do we deal with our reality? For all our pensiveness: far beyond his time, we are always left with the joy of "the colour that Martin Noël has brought into our lives". Surely the best basis for all decisions.

At this point we would like to thank Mrs Margarete Noël and Dr Wenzel Jacob very much for their support and commitment!

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