Heinz Mack

From the sound, the structure and the colour

Vernissage 08. April 2021

Ausstellungsdauer 09. April to 18. June 2021

Dr Barbara Könches, Managing Director of the ZERO foundation, Düsseldorf, will give an introductory speech on Heinz Mack and his wonderful artistic work. We are happy to offer individual appointments to view the exhibition in the gallery at any time during normal opening hours. Should you require advice and information, please do not hesitate to call us at the following telephone numbers in the gallery.

Gallery numbers 0228 312380 or 0228 96119195

Jenny Geissler 0176 80378443

Bernd Bentler 0176 21033306

Below you will find a comprehensive catalogue to accompany our exhibition, which will be published in print next week.


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