The graphic work

Vernissage 25. January 2019

Ausstellungsdauer 25. January to 15. March 2019

The Stadtmuseum Siegburg and the Katholisch-Soziales Institut (KSI), Siegburg, dedicated an exhibition of the graphic work of the ZERO artist Heinz Mack.

"Heinz Mack (*1931), co-founder of the internationally renowned group ZERO, multiple documenta participant and representative of the FRG at the Venice Biennale, deals intensively with the subject of light and the phenomena created by light vibrations. The graphic work, which has stood autonomously alongside the other genres from the very beginning, is characterised by great diversity and spontaneity. The exhibition presents a retrospective cross-section of Heinz Mack's graphic works, including the artist's largest silkscreen, 140 x 180 cm, made in 2018 with 120 screens." Press release of the Stadtmuseum Siegburg

We were pleased to take this as an opportunity to also show an exclusive selection of our collection of graphic art and gouaches, which are not exhibited in Siegburg, at the Galerie Bernd Bentler to complement this exhibition.