Opposites Hachmann - El Witt

Vernissage 05. May 2017

Ausstellungsdauer 05. May 2017

Vernissage 05 May 2017 as part of the 5th Night of Open Galleries in Bad Godesberg

For the fifth time, Galerie Bernd Bentler took part in the Night of Open Galleries. On the occasion of this event, we opened our new exhibition "Opposites" with our strong, emerging artists Bettina Hachmann and El Witt.

Both artists were present. The almost colourless, yet intense and powerful works of Bettina Hachmann, as well as the bursting with colour works of El Witt, stood in harmonious and unrivalled contrast and met with absolute enthusiasm from the gallery visitors. In addition, Bettina Hachmann's two new Carborundum etchings, Graphics III and IV, were officially presented that evening, after the first Graphics I and II were almost sold out.

As a final highlight, the gilding workshop was once again open until midnight that evening. Visitors were able to gain an insight into the medieval craft of gilding and were even allowed to try out the most versatile things themselves, such as working with gold leaf.

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