Opening Friedrichstr.

The future is on its way

New works by the artists of the gallery

Vernissage 27. March 2018

Ausstellungsdauer 02. March to 02. April 2018

After two months of intensive work, the time has come: the new gallery is ready! We have thought and thought, we have planned and rejected, we have redesigned and rebuilt and finally decided. And as a result, something very beautiful and new has come into being.

In December 2017, we celebrated the farewell to Beethovenallee together, but at the same time we already looked very far into the future and made a promise. Now we have to keep the promise that the gallery work will continue in exactly the same way, only in a different place.
As a prerequisite for this, we have designed a gallery that meets the demands of a modern presentation of art: Large, high rooms, sophisticated lighting, and yet an aura of calm and intimacy.
But the most important thing in a gallery is the art. All the artists had contributed new, beautiful works, so that we were able to present a very beautiful, high-quality and varied exhibition. In addition, the artist Bettina Hachmann and the artists André Schweers and Marius Singer were present and available for a talk or to give you information about their works.
And so we are on a path into the future, in which we will certainly encounter many new things. The first steps on this path have been taken. We now hope that you will accompany us on this path into the future.

We look forward to seeing you again at Friedrichstraße 55!

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